Week 10 and 11 (Due July 31st)


Social Learning Share – http://bit.ly/1ef4wpl

Podcast/Flipped Lesson Share – Please sign up for tonight or online next Tuesday.


Digital Equity Discussion – How does the Digital Divide/Digital Equity affect what you are able to accomplish in your classroom?

Class Activities:

Learn – https://code.org/

Apply – https://studio.code.org/s/course3

Scratch – https://scratch.mit.edu

How can coding activities fit into your classroom instruction? What is the value of providing opportunities for your students to experience coding?

BrainPop – all in one stop for digital content

Movies – fun and entertaining – Computer Programming 

Lesson Plans – great plans that use the video on online games to support – Blocky Maze Game

Online Games – Block Maze Game

Quiz – every movie has a quiz for checks for understandings or topics for teaching – Quiz


Post 1 responses on your blog

  • Read & Subscribe to one of these online education blog sites – good.is/education or medium.com/bright . While exploring the site you selected, choose one article to Tweet and post a reflection on your blog. Please include the link to the article and an image that supports the topic.


Final Check


  • Posts for all assignments presented on the class blog
  • About Me Page
  • Commented on others blogs (based on required assignments)
  • Some posts include images and hyperlinks


  • Pixlr Photo Manipulation image (optional)
  • UDL MindMap (in-class assignment)
  • LOC Certificate
  • Digital Story
  • CommonSenseMedia Certificate
  • Podcast/Flipped Lesson (including interactive support materials)
  • Social Learning Tool presentation
  • Unit Plan (including lessons and assessments)

Week 11 Class

July 28th is our second Virtual synchronous class. Login here to test your system & participate. I will be at the Rowely Hall if you prefer to be in the lab with me (for extra tech support). Our final class will only run from 6pm – 8pm.


Housekeeping items:

  • Post all assignments to your blog by midnight on July 31st (let me know if extensions are needed)
  • Keep a look out for the course evaluations (should see them in your MU E-Mail on July 27). Your feedback is extremely important to me:)
  • Check out Blackboard after July 31st. I will have all you grades posted for your review.
  • Please consider me a resource for integrating technology into your future classrooms. You can reach me at my MU email, at knights@fccps.org and of course—Twitter:)
  • Have a wonderful summer and great school year.Prof. Steve



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